Evangelical Christian Church was established in the year 1958. But God started laying the foundation back in 1946. This is when Bro. Joseph Gatchel from Kansas City, Missouri received a vision from God, of a place called Kealakekua.  He never heard of this place, so he looked it up on the map.  Then he and his wife left Kansas City for Kealakekua. God blessed their ministry in Kealakeua, Kona and soon in 1950 Bro. Gatchel traveled back to Kansas City to seek help. That is when Bro. Jack Hatton felt the call from God, so he and his wife moved to Kealakekua with Bro. Gatchel to help the ministry at a church called Kona Gospel Chapel. Bro. Jack Hatton would eventually go on and be the founding Pastor of Evangelical Christian Church.

In 1955 Bro. Jack Hatton and his wife Sister Norma, came to live in Honolulu. Together they held services in their home where many people attend as a result of Bro. Jack's radio ministry called "The Gospel" In 1956 he then Pastored at a Chruch called The Gospel Mission located in Koko head. The church soon grew in numbers and  needed a bigger place so in 1958 Pastor Hatton and some of the congergation moved to a quonset hut located on Kaheka Lane.  It was there that the church was given the name Evangelical Christian Chruch. A year later, ECC moved to is present location on 20th Ave. and Pahoa. Pastor Jack Hatton served as Pastor at ECC from 1959-1962. Then he moved to California temporarly, and return to ECC in 1970 and pastored  until his retirement in 1987


 Pastor Jack Hatton asked his sister Jean to come to Kona, Hawaii to work with the young people attending Kona Gospel Chapel. Sister Jean accepted the invite and moved Kona in 1952. Eventually she began pastoring at a church located in Laupahoehoe on the Big Island.  Then in 1954 she moved to Honolulu to Pastor Grace Chapel.  She Pastored there for a short time before moving on to help Pator Jack with the Koko Head church. When Pastor Jack moved to California in 1962, she served as Pastor of ECC till he returned in 1970.  Sister Jean met and married Bro. Richard Churchill who was a member of ECC.  Together they served as Assistant Pastors.  They worked with the young people of ECC and even opened their home for bible study. When Pastor Jack retired in 1987, Pastor Jean Churchill took over and served as Pastor of ECC  until 2012.

Bro. Royal Leong first meet Bro. Jack Hatton at The Kona Gospel Chapel in 1954.  Bro. Royal then married Sister Leilani at The Kona Gospel Chapel later that same year. In 1955 they moved to Honolulu, where they reunited with Pastor Jack Hatton. Bro. Royal and Sister Leilani attended The Gospel Mission in Koko Head, and when Pastor Jack and some of the congergation of The Gospel Misson moved to Kaheka Lane, Bro. Royal and Sister Leilani stayed and contiuned the work in Koko Head. At ECC Bro. Royal served as an Elder for many years until he and his wife moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 1996 where Bro. Royal started his Pastorship. After leaving Kansas City,  Pastor Royal and his wife traveled many places around the world sharing the gospel. Then in April 2012 he returned to ECC to help Pastor Jean with the church.  Eventually Pastor Jean turned over the pastorship of ECC to Pastor Royal.  Pastor Royal worked hard caring for the church and the members.  He Faith in God was unwavering even until he took his last breath and went home to be with the Lord on October 22, 2017.

Bob Strobel was called to missions at 15 years old by a vision. After many years of preparation, which included church planting and pastoring in the States, Bob and his wife Jeanne received the call to go to the Philippines in 1983. Bob and Jeanne have been married 57 years and are an inseparable team in ministry.


That call to mission work in the Philippines has led them to Israel, England, France, Germany, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Thailand and Hawaii where they now reside as Pastors of ‘Evangelical Christian Church’.


Bob and Jeanne have been ministering at Evangelical Christian Church since the middle 80’s in their coming and going to the mission field. They became the Pastors of ECC in January 2018 after the previous pastor, Royal Leong went to be with the Lord.


Bob and Jeanne have a ministry of apostolic exhortation and teaching that is focused on strengthening and establishing God’s people s in the present truth of God’s Word.


Bob is the author of several books: ‘The Holy Covenant’, ‘Gathering the Nations’, ‘Abraham’s Family And World Harvest’, ‘A Road To Stumble On’  and ‘These Are The Last Days, But How Long Will They Last?’.


Bob Strobel has been ordained with Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers since 1978 and was a board member until responding to the mission call.

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